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Look at the difference in headlines. And then look at the way in which the AP depicted Renisha McBride.

Even in death, we lose all humanity. Victim shaming knows no bounds.

She is a black woman, she has a name. Don’t ever forget it!


*thanks to @goldietaylor for the pic*


This is really a shame

Yall dont know how we turnt up for this. People were all outside. Crazy. Cause he really was an aint shit person and I hope he rots in prison.

Fuck em! he still going to prison

Rare justice.

But I gotta address something. Mass Comm major here. I’m just disgusted at how the AP CHOSE to frame this story. Look at the Detroit Free Press’ perfectly accurate and professional summation of events and then read the Associated Press’s version. EVEN in DEATH, we aren’t allowed innocence. We are never the victims of the malicious crimes committed against us. Old dude is some “suburban homeowner”. Renisha is just some “drunk woman on his porch”. They knew exactly what the fuck they were doing. They used deliberate phrasing to conjure specific images in your head.

Then I want you to take into account that the AP runs nationwide and that many (if not most) stories are pulled from it as a source and, well… You see the prevailing narrative about living Black (or otherwise marginalized) in America.

So, while I’m happy about the verdict I can’t even celebrate without side-eying the fuck out these ain’t-shit bigots.


what made this AP story worse was after they were dragged on twitter, they changed the headline to include her name and portrayed her as the real victim. ( via Huffington Post). So, if it wasn’t for the people going after them on twitter for this crap, they would have kept this racist mess.

I’m just glad that enough people called them on it. That in itself gives me a glimmer of hope. But you’re absolutely right; they’d have left it the way it was and it was initially published that way because that’s how someone (or someones) on staff feels about the situation. It’s sick. It just goes to show you that we’re on to something; speaking up when we see injustice done. We can’t keep quiet.

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